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ARTIST NAME   Mark Hopkins

GENRE   Rock n' Roll




I was born in Baltimore MD - picked up a guitar - sang into a mic and dug it. I moved to Boston, was inspired by brilliant musicians and the future is history in the making.


Mark Hopkins believes that music should move more than one’s feet. But to be clear: it should ALWAYS move one’s feet. Mark’s powerful songwriting and performances not only move the audience physically, but leave a lasting impression on their souls.


Improvisational creativity abound in a musical journey that is altogether evocative, extroverted and introspective.


In other words, Mark Hopkins makes faces smile, laugh – and then melt.


Mark’s array of influences include Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Bruce Hornsby, Wayne Krantz and Eric Krasno. The resulting concoction is a soulful, bluesy, funky and sincere gulag that has a prevalent side-effect of severe ass-shaking.


Mark’s a Maryland boy through-and-through with a three-year detour to Boston, where he honed his musical culinary skills by studying songwriting and guitar at the Berklee College of Music (and ogling Fenway Park every day).


He constructed Mark Hopkins & the Hotel, a power trio of rock and funk in Boston and has since brought the project back home to Baltimore, where he has commenced melting faces in full force. Mark Hopkins & the Hotel have released two albums so far: The Evidence (2011), and Room Service (2013). Both releases are available to purchase here on the website and all over the place on the interwebs.


Since 1997, Mark Hopkins has performed up and down the east coast at variety of venues – from living rooms to back porches to clubs to theaters to festivals and every nook and cranny in between. He’s shared bills with the Derek Trucks Band, Tom Marshall, Allen Stone, Bernie Worrell and plenty others.


You can’t go wrong at a Mark Hopkins & the Hotel gig. Everyone needs a good face-melting every now and then. Tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends too!


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"Miss Coincedence" (2014)

“Miss Coincidence” (2014)

Taking it back to his early 90s rock years - Mark went ahead an wrote a real rock song. A super catchy one taboot! Imagine Lenny Kravitz and Dave Grohl had a love child .... Miss Coincidence IS that love spawn. It's a story about a woman who aint nothin' but trouble. Can our Protagonist resist her raw sexuality??? Buy the single and find out.

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"Room Service" (2013)

“Room Service” (2013)

The overall feel of “Room Service” is blues inspired rock, and features a very capable rhythm section: Mark Hopkins (vocals/guitar), Christian Stengle (drums), and Matt Everhart (bass/bg vox). Throughout the entire CD, the rhythm section creates tension and release through band hits, breakdowns, and driving choruses. The arrangements pack enough surprises to keep the listeners full attention, while at the same time, not veering to far off of the rock/pop style of song writing.

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"Room Service" + Sticker

“Room Service” CD + Sticker

Get your physical CD copy signed by Mark with a free sticker!  $15 plus shipping.

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Evidence (2011)

“Evidence” (2011)

Written and recorded during Mark's time in Boston, this album bridges the gap between Mark's former work on "Angry Mob" (2006) and his 2013 release of "Room Service".  It's Pop/Rock. It's an EP that makes the listener wish there was just a few more tracks. Although with these five tracks, you get a little taste of everything.

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Mark Hopkins & the Hotel T-Shirt

Mark Hopkins & the Hotel T-Shirt

Be the first in your town to support local Baltimore music with this soft 3/4 Sleeve Softball Tee!  $25 plus shipping.

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Mark Hopkins & the Hotel Coozie

Mark Hopkins & the Hotel Coozie

Drink any cold beverage in style with this slick Mark Hopkins & the Hotel Coozie. Keep it cold buddy.  $5 plus shipping.

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Mark Hopkins & the Hotel Sticker

Mark Hopkins & the Hotel Stickers

Slap 'em on laptops, cars, guitars, guitar cases, drum heads, friends who pass out too early at a party etc...$3 plus shipping.

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